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Saint Paul, MN
Welcome to a true City of Neighborhoods, each offering a celebration of Saint Paul long-cherished heritage and diversity. Life in these vibrant districts flows deep with tradition, with many of the restaurants and businesses proudly bearing the names of the immigrant families who founded them generations ago.
Exploring off the beaten path gives you a chance to discover the artistic, culinary and cultural gems, as well as its shining star, the people, that make Saint Paul so special.
There is a reason so many weddings occur in Saint Paul sublime structures and settings, and a reason so many couples come back here to reconnect.
The city radiates romance, whether you choose to stay in luxury, dine with refinement or simply enjoy the moment. Warm up to each other in lush gardens. Catch a show that captures your imaginations. Take a summer stroll, autumn bike ride or winter skate beneath sparkling lights.
Call it charmingly Old World. A European city in America. Or simply elegant beyond expectation. From downtown to Cathedral Hill and beyond, you will find pristinely preserved 19th century architecture. Manicured parks and clean streets. An assortment of museums, theaters and cultural institutions, all within easy walking distance.